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TESA Micro-Hite

TESA MICRO-HITE. Den nya serien av höjdmätare, avsedda för verkstäder samt för laboratorier, och som fyller gapet mellan traditionella instrument och avancerade mätmaskiner.


Micro-Hite height gauges are the most reliable and robust instruments for the workshop. Their internal cast construction guarantees optimum measurement accuracy even at higher temperatures.


Tesa-Hite 400/700 system with opto-electronics, aerostatic bearing and integrated panel. The "must have" amongst height gauges due to its simplicity, speed and accuracy. Tesa-Hite plus M 400/700 with motorized movement and advanced measurement functions.

Tesa-Hite Magna

Tesa-Hite magna 400/700 with unique IP65 protection against the ingress of dust and liquids, particularly adapted to harsh workshop conditions.


Tesa-μHite with motorized extended 100 mm displacement measurement. Delivered with granite measuring table.Instrument with high accuracy: maximum error of 1 micron to 100 mm.

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