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Optacom VC-10-UL

The ultimate benchmark - our all-round solution for high-precision measurement

Are you looking for an all-round system to control the whole variety of contour measurement tasks with outstanding accuracy? If so, the optacom VC-10 may be the right solution for you. It performs contour measurements alone or in combination with roughness simultaneously as well as roundness measurements or composite measurements (e.g., with the new rotary-swivel table).

Thus, even complicated measurement tasks of complex formed objects will be easy to handle. The VC-10-UL was specifically designed for extension with our rotary-swivel table.

Through the extension of the measuring range in X and Z axis up to 200 mm, we can fully leverage the possibilities of the rotary-swivel table.

Therefore, the VC-10 is a convincing value proposition because of its ease-to-use nature and outstanding precision.

At the stylus tip it reaches a genuine - not just simply calculated - resolution of 3 nm over the entire measuring range.

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