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Optacom VC-10-AIR

Absolutely revolution “AIR “- never ending accuracy

You been looking for a high-end system with outstanding precision which covers the whole spectrum of contour measuring? Then our newly developed optacom VC-10-AIR will fit your concept perfectly.
Thanks to its innovative air guide in the X axis combined with a lateral force free gear, impossible measurements are now doable.

It completes contour measurements alone or in combination with simultaneously roughness, straightness or combined measurements.
That way even complicated measurement tasks at complex formed objects become a childproof practice.
The VC-10- air was especially designed for straightness- and roughness measurements.

Even complicated measuring tasks on complex formed objects become a piece of cake. The AIR was especially designed to measure straightness and roundness.
Because of its very high measuring range in the X-and Z-Axis ( 300 /max. 425 mm), even very large measuring tasks can be executed with unheard precision.
The AIR will not only convince you thru its easy handling but furthermore because of the wear free air bearing in the X-Axis.

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