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Instruments for size inspection with guiding profile

The instruments of the type VM have a guiding profile, with which the dimension over/between balls can be established quickly and reliably, without rocking. The guiding profile is matched to that of the item to be inspected.
With this product line, the VM inspection instruments show off their true professionalism. They are robust, simple and with regard to accuracy independent of the operator. The range of VM instruments covers simple hand held devices, through to longitudinal dynamic inspection systems and fully automated FAPP systems. A VDA-5 inspection certificate specifies the measuring uncertainty of the instrument and enables determination of the measuring uncertainty during use.
The guiding profile (VMF) of VM instruments for splines can be designed as a go gauge profile (VML) and can include pre-undersize or oversize (VMF/L). The advantage of this 'L-'design is that go gauging can be carried out at the same time which saves one operating cycle.

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